Your garage needs your help!

Right across Australia, there’s one room most of us homeowners have turned our back on.

A room that’s dirty, dusty and closed off from the rest of the house. A room that gets crammed with all the old junk we don’t want anymore, and, a room that always misses out whenever we think about exciting home improvements.

You know the room we’re talking about right?!

Yes, it’s the garage.

It’s madness when you think about it. The garage is one the largest individual rooms in our homes and often the most visible. On average we pay somewhere around $50,000 for what should be a great feature, yet for most of us it’s an embarrassing eyesore we try to hide from our neighbours, family and friends.

Garage floor with ugly oil stains.
Garage crammed with junk.
Garage floor worn out and neglected.

Ugly, messy and neglected garage floors are everywhere!

You don’t have to keep the garage doors down any more!

If you’re one of the many homeowners with a forgotten garage, this is your chance to make things right. To turn your garage into the room it was always meant to be – a vibrant, useful space that adds significant value to your home. For kids’ parties, yoga or craft sessions, or even just to get the cars back where they belong…safe, secure and protected.

So, what’s the answer? Of course a beautiful garage sounds nice, but a complete garage renovation is a huge investment not everyone can make.

Well, the good news is you don’t actually need one!

A stunning garage transformation can be achieved so much quicker, easier and more affordably by making one simple change:


Even on its own, a garage floor coating will do wonders for any neglected garage.

It will:

 Best of all, a garage floor coating can last years and years if you tick just two very important boxes:

1) You must choose the right floor coating, and,

2) Get it professionally installed.

Garage floor before garage floor coating.
Garage floor after garage floor coating.

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Why the right garage floor coating will save your garage

While a floor coating can do wonders for your garage, unfortunately some homeowners take a wrong turn right at the start. They use a garage floor paint that looks good to start with, however quickly begins to wear, peel or blister, and eventually drags them all the way back to square one with a garage they’re ashamed of.

So, how do you avoid the same fate? How do you know what will and won’t last when it comes to garage floor coatings?

Floor coatings, epoxy paints, floor paints, garage floor epoxy...they may all sound the same, but there are big differences in how they perform and not all of them can stand up to garage usage.

Luckily, there are only two main types you need to distinguish between.

Floor paints, e.g. epoxy paints, paving paints, garage floor paint

Firstly, there are the epoxy paints, garage floor paints or paving paints you see in the hardware stores.

Broadly speaking, these types of products are heavily diluted with water or solvents to make them cost less and apply more easily. While that may sound like a good thing, the flipside is they’re also prone to wearing through in high traffic areas, peeling off underneath tyres, and shriveling, softening or staining with exposure to household chemicals.

In other words, to keep garage floor paints looking good you’re going to be stuck re-painting on a regular basis.

Performance is not the only compromise either with garage floor paints. With the high solvent content, these types of garage floor coatings can be a problem for homeowners sensitive to harsh chemicals and odours. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking water-based coatings are completely safe either. Despite what you’ve probably heard, they can contain harmful, smelly solvents as well. 

Floor paint flaking off from garage floor.
Floor paint scratching off from garage floor.
Floor paint wearing through on garage floor.
Some common problems with garage floor paint 

Specialist garage floor epoxy 

The second type is the specialist garage floor epoxies (or epoxy floor coatings, epoxy resin floor coatings).

Instead of hardware stores, these products are typically sourced from coating manufacturers, suppliers or through a professional garage flooring installer that will “supply and apply”.

While some of these specialist garage floor epoxies contain solvent, the best overall combination of safety and performance comes from solventless technology.

In contrast to the generic floor paints, these stronger, higher density floor coatings are capable of withstanding some nasty treatment and are regularly used in ugly industrial environments with heavy vehicle traffic and/or aggressive chemical exposure. Being solvent-free, they can also be safely used in confined spaces like a garage without risk or disruption to your family or neighbours.

In short, if you’re after a long-term garage flooring that you won’t have to think about for years, high-quality, solvent-free epoxy floor coatings are the way to go.

Example of a high-quality, specialist garage floor epoxy.
Example of a high-quality, specialist garage floor epoxy.
Example of a high-quality, specialist garage floor epoxy.
Examples of high-performance, specialist garage floor epoxies

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Why professional epoxy garage flooring installation will save your garage

After choosing the right floor coating, the second piece of the puzzle that will save your garage is professional flooring installation.

As a coating manufacturer, we continually hear from homeowners looking to fix their garage floor because they typed “how to garage floor paint” or “garage floor epoxy DIY” into YouTube and watched someone make it look oh-so-easy.

Please don’t fall into the same trap!

The truth is, installing any type of floor is never that easy and those videos gloss over all the hard work that happens before you even touch a brush or roller.

Like any type of floor covering – tiles, carpet, timber or vinyl – the surface underneath a floor coating needs to be prepared properly for the result to look as good and last as long as it should.

For specialist garage floor epoxy coatings, that means grinding the concrete with a dustless diamond grinder.

While these types of machines are available for hire, actually getting one and figuring out how to use it is only one part of proper concrete preparation. You also have to take care of other issues like contamination, cracks, porosity, flatness, transitions to other surfaces and fixtures.

There are not-so-obvious challenges when it comes time to apply too. Not many of those YouTube videos will ever talk about mixing, working times, pot lives, dust control, weather conditions, or even the most important thing of all: proper personal protective equipment.

Wanting to go down the DIY path to save a few bucks is understandable, but the saving only happens if you get a good result. The moment you have a problem with your DIY garage flooring, you’re losing money and it could end up costing even more to fix.

Garage floor coating lifting underneath tyre.
Garage floor coating flaking off.
Garage floor coating with crawling topcoat.
Some common problems with garage floor epoxy DIY

So, what's the answer?

If a quality garage floor epoxy AND professional garage flooring installation

are the secret to saving your garage, where can you get both?


Meet Resin Vinyl...the garage saver

Garage with Resin Vinyl flooring system.

Resin Vinyl is a one-of-a-kind epoxy garage flooring system specially designed for homeowners wanting to give their dull, dirty garages a new lease of life. 

Available in 8 popular colour combinations, the completely seamless resin flooring system is stain-resistant, incredibly tough, and will keep your garage looking great for years.

Most importantly, Resin Vinyl exclusively uses Ezypoxy and Ezypoly products, which have no strong smell and contain no solvents or flammables, so they can be used safely without risk or disruption to your family.

If it doesn't use these, it isn't Resin Vinyl!

ezypoxy        ezypoly                                             
Resin Vinyl flooring system diagram.



Resin Vinyl is completely solvent free. No strong smell, disruption or risk to your family!


Resin Vinyl uses exclusive industrial-grade resin technology, so you won’t find it at your local hardware store (or anywhere else).


Too many colour options can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down to 8 we know look good and match well with modern homes.


The stain-resistant surface handles spills from all common household chemicals and is easily maintained with normal cleaning equipment.


Take your pick of gloss or semi-gloss finishes. If you’re worried about slips and falls in the wet, you can even get added slip resistance.


Resin Vinyl installations come with a written warranty from the manufacturer and a satisfaction guarantee.

...And, it’s professionally installed

The only way you can get quality epoxy garage flooring and real value for money is through professional installation.

As the manufacturers of Resin Vinyl, we have a network of competent installers right around the country ready to turn you garage into a room you love!

Professional installation of Resin Vinyl on garage floor.
Professional installation of Resin Vinyl on garage floor.
Professionally installed garage floor coating.

Professional installation of Resin Vinyl

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How does Resin Vinyl work?

A diagram showing Day 1 of the Resin Vinyl installation process.
A diagram showing Day 2 of the Resin Vinyl installation process.
A diagram showing Day 3 of the Resin Vinyl installation process.

Installation of your epoxy Resin Vinyl floor typically takes three days: two for the resin flooring system to be installed, and a 3rd day where light traffic only is allowed.

After the 3rd day you can start to bring any furniture or appliances back into the garage. Full hardening and strength can take 5-7 days and it is recommended to keep cars off the floor until this period has passed.

*Note - The installation process shown above is typical for the standard Resin Vinyl system on concrete floors less than 40m2. Removal of existing floors, surface damage/contamination, application of a primer coat, and/or larger areas will generally require more time.



Resin Vinyl brochure.Resin Vinyl colour chart


A wide-angle photo of a home garage with the door open showing the new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A low-angle photo showing the finish of a Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A close up of a car tyre parked on new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A wide-angle photo of a home garage with the door open showing the new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A large multi-purpose garage with the door open showing the new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A home garage with the door open showing the new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A large, empty garage that's still being furnished inside with a new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A photo taken at the front of a double garage showing the new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor inside. Resin Vinyl installed underneath a home in an open parking space. A home garage with the door open showing the new Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor. A photo of a new Resin Vinyl epoxy floor taken from the back of a garage to show the beautiful, even finish. A low-angle photo showing the finish of a Resin Vinyl epoxy flake floor.


Don’t delay, save your garage today!

Happy homeowner with finished Resin Vinyl floor.

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